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EN 6089 

Sound systems for emergency purposes.

What does it say?

When shall it be applied?

EN 54-16 

What is the VAICE? What are the requirements on a Voice Alarm System substituting for the fire alarm sirens and sounders?

EN 54-24 

Requirement on loudspeakers in Voice Alarm Systems, substituting for the fire alarm sirens and sounders.

OTSZ 2014 

Hungarian ministry regulation:

“National Regulation on Fire Prevention.”

We are introducing the activities of Avico ’97 Ltd. e.g. system survey, design, trading, implementation of Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems that can support buildings or other types of sites. Furthermore you can find a summary of the brands (and product groups) we are representing on the Hungarian market, such as g+m elektronik ag sound systems and ic audio loudspeakers (100V systems and components).

In the section of Sound Systems you are informed about g+m  elektronik ag PA and Voice Alarm Systems structure, and the possibilities of applying LAN connection among systems and microphone consoles. Also we are presenting and overview of the different kind of standard an EN 54-24 certified ic audio loudspeakers and some basics of sound systems cabling.

Under title Services the contracting possibilities of the Avico ’97 Ltd. are highlighted briefly from design to maintenance focusing on the project phases which are exclusively or at least significantly related to the implementation of Voice Alarm Systems.

Knowledge Base content is collected to support those who are newcomer in the area of electro-acoustics, presenting some of the most important theoretical and practical knowledge - without  being comprehensive - that are playing a key role during the design and implementation of Voice Alarm Systems.

Listing the References (projects) of Avico ’97 Ltd. gives us an opportunity to introduce the sometimes unique technical and functional requirements on already realized PA and Voice Alarm Systems in the particular buildings. We also emphasize the flexibility and versatility of g+m PA and VA systems.

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