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In this section we are trying to provide a quick overview of technicalities and legal background of the sound systems, who are just getting involved in sound system projects or operation. Without trying to be comprehensive we are introducing a few important theoretical and practical subjects that are playing a key role in establishing a voice alarm system. The excerpts  are from the area of acoustical and electro-acoustical engineering and the related regulations and norms.

We can start getting familiar with some of the definitions and key parameters from the area of room acoustics. From the field of the electro-acoustics we are introducing the major segments of the sound amplification and distribution systems. A bit more detailed overview is provided concerning the sound systems supporting buildings and applying 100V technology.

We are examining a particular ministry regulation, the “National Regulation for Fire Prevention” (OTSZ), focusing on those segments which are referring or closely related to voice evacuation systems.

Inviting you for a little trip to the magical world of the norms we are briefly discussing those which regulate the manufacturing, design, installation and operation (including maintenance) of the voice alarm systems, and norms containing descriptions of the quality of the (broadcasted) sound and the directives for measuring the quality of the acoustical signal. Additionally we drive your attention to the importance of demands - or sometimes the lack - of the room acoustic quality which has high impact on the sound quality, and how this factor - if bad - can make electro-acoustic experts suffer. Naturally we also mention some techniques with which we can compensate a bit the failures or insufficiencies of the architectural design.


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